Discover TriStone

TriStone solid-surface benchtops are beautiful, practical and affordable.


Easy care

TriStone is very low maintenance. It’s non-porous, so stains can’t seep into the surface. And because the colours are part of the structure, you can never wear them away.


Germs can’t permeate the solid surface of TriStone, so it resists bacterial and fungal growth. TriStone has been certified by the NSF as a safe food preparation area (NSF-51).


In the unlikely event of major damage, a certified TriStone fabricator can cut out and replace the affected piece with seamless joins. Your TriStone benchtop can also be refurbished.


TriStone’s seamless joins give you creative freedom. We can fabricate your benchtop in almost any thickness, shape or length, and create an endless range of styles.

Heat resistant

TriStone solid surface is naturally heat resistant. However, we recommend using a trivet or hot pads when placing any hot objects on your benchtop.

10 year warranty

We have total confidence in the quality of TriStone 100% Acrylic Solid Surface. Every TriStone benchtop is backed by a 10 Year Limited Commercial Warranty.