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How much will a typical TriStone benchtop cost me?

TriStone is significantly more affordable than similar solid surface benchtops available in New Zealand. The cost of your TriStone fabrication and installation will defer depending on the complexity of the design, options and other factors. The best way to get accurate pricing is through the authorised TriStone Dealer or Fabricator in your area.

Do TriStone benchtops need to be sealed?

TriStone is completely non-porous, so it won't ever need to be sealed. TriStone is very low maintenance - take a look at our Care Guide for more information.

Is TriStone heat resistant?

TriStone has excellent heat resistant properties compared to other well-known surfacing materials. However, the surface can still be damaged if heat-generating household appliances are directly placed on top of it. Avoid direct and indirect heat with temperatures over 80°C (170°F). Always use trivets with rubber feet when placing hot items on the benchtop.